Dr. Melissa Archer

Dr. Melissa Archer is a valued professor at Southeastern University’s Barnett College of Ministry and Theology. Before she came to Southeastern, she was an instructor for New Testament and Biblical Languages at Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Cleveland, Tennessee. She also served as an adjunct instructor at Lee University. Prior to that, she taught Greek and New Testament at Ashland Theological Seminary in Ashland, Ohio. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Dr. Archer has served with her husband, Dr. Kenneth J. Archer, as co-pastor of three churches as well as the college pastor at Woodward Church of God in Athens, Tennessee. She is an exhorter with the Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee. She and her husband currently serve as young adult pastors at Highlands Church of God in Lakeland, Florida. Dr. Archer received her PhD through Bangor University in Wales. Her dissertation is entitled ‘I Was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day’: A Pentecostal Engagement with Worship in the Apocalypse. She is a member of the Society for Biblical Literature as well as the Society for Pentecostal Studies.