Internship Courses

The courses are designed to provide the student with practical, hands-on experiences.

  • MIN191 Beginning Ministerial Internship: The first of three internships to be developed for the Ministerial Studies Diploma. Each internship requires the student to work with a local pastor to gain hands-on experience in various ministry activities. This course discusses the importance of a good attitude in ministry as well as many functions of ministry such as weddings and funerals. It also emphasizes servant leadership and the minister’s devotional life.


  • MIN291 Intermediate Ministerial Internship: The second of three required internships for the Ministerial Studies Diploma. This course helps the student develop the right attitude for ministry. It examines characteristics to be avoided and tests to be passed in the life of a minister. It further focuses on public aspects of ministry, such as teaching, preaching, and leading meetings. The personal life of the minister, including time management and personal health, is also discussed.


  • MIN391 Advanced Ministerial Internship: The third of three required internships for the Ministerial Diploma. Building on the foundation of the previous two internship courses, this course focuses on three attributes of the heart of ministry, characteristics to be avoided, tests that must be passed in the life of the ministry, basic areas of pastoral counseling, and other skills needed to be a successful pastor.